Business Intelligence Consultancy

With a strong focus on providing centralised Business Intelligence solutions for your company, MartiNet BI can help you to find the meaning in your data.

Why business intelligence consultancy?

Modern IT systems contain a wealth of information about your business and your customers. But do they help you to make the most of this data?

We are specialists in design, specification and build for MI and functional reporting solutions. In addition we have extensive experience of business analysis and datawarehouse design. We can help you unlock this data. This is how to drive informed decision making.

Our Service

We work with many different technologies. These include industry giants like Business Objects, Cognos and Oracle BI, open source and Excel-based solutions. Whether your data is in spreadsheets or a database, we have the expertise to help you prepare and analyse it. It may be on-premise or in the cloud, from one source or spread amongst many, we can bring it together.

If you are looking for the right partner to help you manage your data, enabling you to make the correct decisions to lead your business forward please contact us.

Based in Southampton, we are happy to work from your office anywhere in the UK, or from our own.

To find out how we can help you find the meaning in your data emailĀ [email protected]